One Man's Doomed life

Jack Sorenson

18 Nov, 2012 02:23 AM
They shall tried to have hang me in the start of life
They cannot for whom I ‘am –I'm not one of them
I been shunned and shamed all at the time by the light
Darkness falls everywhere I go!

I look to the clouds for I can’t see the heaven above
I look for a better life than the one which I’m stuck in
Trapped and filled with little skills,
I have been battered and beaten, my soul is torn apart

I see further than most but, not to see myself among
On the other side of freedom,with the others,
I‘m just a prisoner of this existences’

The world in which I live in has no use
For such a person that lost half his life
You all grew up in a big hurry,
as I stayed back, in time in the darkness.

By Jack Sorenson
Tags: Night, Darkness
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