25 Nov, 2012 06:47 AM
Some days I think I can hear rain pour down above me,
Some days I think I can see the wind blow leaves through me,
Some days I think I can feel the sun shine upon me,
Some days I think I can smell the pollen floating all around me,
Some days I think I can taste the blood circulating inside me,

I think I hear?
I think I see?
I think I feel?
I think I smell?
I think I taste?

I don't hear,
I don't see,
I don't feel, 
I don't smell,
I don't taste.

I have no feeling, 
I think I'm numb.
I'm frozen in this whirlpool called life.
Stuck... Still... Waiting...

Waiting to hear my calling,
Waiting to see the light,
Waiting to feel my old self again, 
Waiting to smell that sweet scent,
Waiting to taste the fresh dew. 

When will this end? 
When will my spirit return? 
When will I be set free?

I don't want to live like this!
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