The Darkness


10 Dec, 2012 03:16 AM
Don't leave me here alone,
Don't leave me on my own,
The darkness has come,
It's gonna take my soul,
It's all a shame.

You haven't came,
To protect me from it yet.
Are you full of regret,
I trusted you with my life,
But now you must pay the price,
For throwing away my life.

You're going to  Die!
Are you regretting it yet,
The darkness is set,
To go on with my death.

The darkness has come,
Readying it's gun,
I haven't tried to run,
I wait for you to come.

I soon realize that I've been wasting time,
For you to arrive,
But now your too late,
To stop my fate,
The time has come,
Darkness has aimed,
Aimed right at my heart,

Since the very start.
The bullet hits my heart,
It's pain is tearing me apart,
I'm now in the dark.

With my shattered heart,
And you don't even care,
Cause you were never even there.
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