Witches Work


13 Dec, 2012 02:45 AM
Between evening shadows and day’s pre-dawn light
they work their own will throughout all of the night
casting, conjuring, whispering rhymes
with knowledge both new and from ancient of times.

On rising smoke of the incense they burn
their whispered words carry desires to churn
to bring about change with nature’s own power
in earth, moon, sun, starlight, leaf, field, and flower.

By flickering candlelight magic is wrought
with spells, stones, anthame, chalice, and knot
the wand and the cauldron used wisely discrete
where pentagram, triquetra and censor meet.

The Goddess and God do smile on their work
and help them learn to use besom and dark.
Book of Shadows is opened to a ritual page
so they know when it’s time to use potions or sage.

They know, they will, they keep silent, they dare
they call upon earth, water, fire, and air.
With determined of hearts, yet malice toward none
the energy’s sent for the work to be done.

People unlearned about Witches, they fear
yet never know how close to Witches they’re near
so he casts his spells all in secret alone
or she in her coven leads others in song.

The postman, the grocer, the friend down the street
Might be solitary, or in some coven meet.
These everyday people with bright, smiling faces
turn up in all of the usual places.

Is it magic to throw a switch, turn on a light,
Cook food using microwaves to make it just right?
A TV remote sends light through the air
and though we can’t see it, we know it is there.

We step through a beam that can open a door
Use spices and herbs when our muscles get sore.
Our power and knowledge put men on the moon
and we talk to our friends from a faraway room.

These natural energies to our wills we bend
directing their paths and controlling their end.
No devil’s magic do our needs fulfill
“And in it, harm none, we do as we will.”

So if you know a of a Witch, maybe two
You need not have fear about things that we do
And maybe someday when the timing is right
A Witch might help you through some dark, lonely night!
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