Why me agian?


14 Dec, 2012 01:55 PM
I pushed it far back into a room in my head 
where I couldn’t find it
I locked the door to that room and threw away the key
I disguised my face to reflect a person who was fine

but inside I was dying
crying because I allowed someone to take away 
the person that I was
I did nothing

they took my body, they took my soul
i used to be whole but now I’m broken into pieces
pieces of a girl so full of life are shattered
unable to be put back together
i thought I was unbreakable
well at least that’s what the last poem says

I’m broken
a person who doesn’t know how to live anymore
a person who doesn’t know how to love anymore
a person who doesn’t know how to survive
deprived of the future I was promised
robbed of my sanity
forced to live with the inhumanity

exploding emotions that cannot be controlled
forced to live in a world so cold
hiding behind my story untold

breaks me into pieces
pieces shattered across the room in the back of my head
i pushed them far back where I couldn’t find them
and threw away the key
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