Your Worst Nightmare

26 Feb, 2013 09:45 PM
You think you can trust them
You think that they care
You think they'll be there for you
Until they betray you

They stab you in the back
With a double edged knife
Being a good friend
Is a skill that they lack

Don't ever trust anyone
You don't need friends
I mean, they're all the same
They all betray you in the end

They're all sick little liars
Hatching a plan
A plan to destroy you
To burn you down

They want to crush you
In the palm of their hands
They want to burn you
Put you through hell

"We'd never hurt you," one of them says. 
"Let's go play a game," the other says. 

Lies about loving you
Lies that they care
Promises broken
And games never played

They watch you while you sleep
They stand over your bed
Some hide in the closet
Some under your bed

They don't make any noises
They're careful not to wake you
How considerate, lovely
They must love you

But they don't
No one does
You're just a piece of trash
You're just going to be thrashed

They'll whip your back
They'll butcher your body
They'll mangle your face
Until nothing remains

Chop off your head
Cut your chest in half
Take out all the organs
And then play with them, with their hands

Dislocate your body parts
Put them all back
Make a little doll house
Out of your fingers and hands 

Eat your flesh
Make a mask out of your face
Sew it onto
Someones pillow case

It's a bloody massacre
But it's a hell lot of fun
No one cares for you
Where's the harm done?

Nobody will worry
You're a piece of trash
We could do anything with you
Let's start, by splitting your spine in half

We'll use the parts as furniture
For your little doll house 
Everyone's made out of body parts
All recycled, all fresh, all man

This is the truth about your friends
This is who they are
Don't ever trust them
Because they, will leave scars

When you're alone
And you can't sleep
Stare up at the ceiling
And remember

They weren't worth it. 
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Styxx says:
22 Apr, 2013 04:35 AM


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anne says:
22 May, 2013 04:02 PM

woa..amazing just about sums it up with a side plate of awesome!

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deowattie ramkissoon says:
25 Aug, 2015 02:16 AM

wonderful quotes

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