Dark tide rising


15 Mar, 2013 03:41 PM
Look to the shadows,
Here they come.
See how they rejoice.
Their mirthless,mocking laughter,
Pounding in my ears.
The smell of their rotten decaying flesh,
Assaulting my senses.

Again and again they come.
A black tide of relentless hate.
Dark pupils glistening,
Voices shrieking in anticipation.
I feel their caress,
I see the bloody trails,
That their talons leave.

Now when they come,
And see that open arms,
I am waiting.
The hell spawned demons,
With all too familiar faces.
Whisper in my ears.
You will never be taken.

Banish all thoughts of release.
None may take away our sport.
Even in death our blood lust,
Will not be sated.
Even in death there is no escape.
We will always be with you.
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29 Apr, 2013 05:18 PM


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