Deathblow the Killa

DC Martin

19 May, 2012 04:40 PM
Time for my story, its about to be told, 
bout a sick motherf*cker bout 30 years old.
I'm a creeper and a killa, the kind OG's fear,
Not a baller or a player, 
so you better listen here.

Born from the bowels of the hell below, 
I'm a vicious psycho killer 
by the name of Deathblow.
Raised on misery, I fed on pain, 
my cradle was the street top, my blanket, the rain.
grew stronger and stronger 
as I lived on the street, 
became a killer for hire by the age of 13.

Just like John Wayne, Jeffrey, Teddy and Ed, 
if you come across Deathblow, you gonna be dead.
I'll say it again, so you get what I mean, 
that was Gacy, Dahmer, Bundy and Gein.
Deathblow the killa, they all know me by name, 
for a few hundred dollars no life will be safe.

so make damn sure before you open your mouth, 
cause once I get started, there aint no way out.
Cop or Gangsta, woman or child, 
nothing left but memories, once I go buck wild.

Some say I may be heartless, 
that just aint true, 
I got love in my heart, 
cause I'd love to kill you.

Deathblow the killa, 
yeah you know my name, 
taking motherf*ckers straight to an early grave.

Deathblow the killa, rapist, the cannibal, 
worse than hannibal, a crazed wild animal.

Deathblow the killa, I'm always there, 
hiding in the shadows so you better beware.

Yeah gettin busy with blood on my face, 
leavin body parts layin all over the place.

I'm a killa gorilla, an artist of pain, 
your flesh is my canvas, my brush is a blade.

I'm a killa Godzilla, standin 6 foot 10, 
a stop your heart thrilla 
with a bloodstained grin.   

Right around the corner or on the next block, 
Deathblow is waiting for your ass to drop.
So keep on smiling not believing I'm real, 
a homicidal madman, aching to kill,
and maybe one night when you're all alone, 
I'll pay you a visit and leave nothing but bones.
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Kat says:
29 Jul, 2017 03:17 PM

I've read this poem years ago but the author was someone else, still however it's a great read and I can so relate to it

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