Fork end lad

Shyam Nair

27 May, 2013 02:48 PM
For I'm your fork end lad,
Choices were stipulated to be bad,
Options were never at dearth,
They came two a piece a berth

Prospective's  they would beam,
Heed and look beyond the seam,
For there in lies the one,
Tryst with which grants you pardon,

But for I'm your fork end lad,
Heaven's the only way I've had,
One among the multitude,
With arrogance as a fortitude

For once I didn’t waver,
With each step the judgement seemed braver,
But then I'm your fork end lad,
How could fate be my brag

To question they say,
Is to befriend the devil at bay,
And now his is the only company I've had,
For I'm your fork end lad
Tags: Devil, Life, Lost, Heaven, Hell
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