Strange Love

Euphoria Godsent

04 Jun, 2013 01:17 AM
He loved no one, but that horse
And then he found him shot dead
Who could’ve? Who would’ve?

That horse
His only friend
The only one who listened
The only one who cared

The animals gathered around him
As he dug a very deep grave
Lord knows how much he adored 
That Horse

He was unlike the others
Oh he was fu**ing special
And so he deserved a very special ceremony
His first, second, and third wife
Hadn’t such

There remains un found
But that Horse
Was fucking magnificent
If only he could ride him one last time
But that would be crazy he thought
He is dead

Why do they all wind up dead?
He shoveled the last pile of dirt
Onto the grave
Sauntered home
And when he opened his front door
The pain in his head beat him to the floor

He curled into a fetal position and screamed
Until it was over
Honey are you home?
No answer
Only silence

If only I could retrace my steps, he thought
Then I would remember
He sat in his little chair by the window
Waiting for his horse to gallop home
So he could ride his sweet ass again
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