Dance With Me

Xyla Baites

30 Jul, 2013 06:49 AM
"La-di-da, La-di-da"
Her voice taunts me in the night.

"Come sing, come sing"
She teases in the day.

"Twirl with me, twirl with me"
Her broken mind exclaims.

"Spare me, oh spare me"
She whispers in my ear. 

What does she want? 
I need to ask her
Doesn't she realize I can't,
Can't feel her?

"Dance with me"
She demands, grabbing my hand

Her icy cold grips
Floods me with panic
Why can I feel her now? 
What does she want?

She twists me and spins me, all the way around
I glide her and lift her over and over again
I can't speak, can't move
Save for these only routines

"Dance with me, dance with me"
She repeats, never-ending

I'm afraid, so afraid
What if I'm dancing forever? 
No one else can see her,
Only I
But to everyone else,
I'm dancing with myself

"Dance with me, dance with me"
She breathes to me.

Can I break out of this spell? 

On that final note 
Of the music playing in her head
That I can't hear
She ends the dance

But still, to my horror
I find my feet still tapping.
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