The Dark Mind of a Killer


17 Aug, 2013 04:47 PM
I know you hear me 
Why do you ignore me? 
I will always be here 
Deep within the depths of your mind 
I will never leave 
Why do you deny me? 

You know who I am 
I am you 
You, when you think of hurting her 
You know you want to 
You cant deny it 
Oh, you know once you do it 
You will get a rush out of it 

Come on, it just takes one time 
Hurt her, make her cry 
and you will be content 
Oh such a rush! 
Just one time and 
You will be hooked 

You can do it 
She deserved it! 
The lying Bitch! 
You don't deserve 
someone like her 
She whores around 
and laughs behind your back 

I will never leave you 
I have been here 
since the beginning of time 
Look what Cain did to Abel? 
I was here then 
I helped with his undoing 
I will be here forever 
I can never die. 

Don't be scared 
There is nothing 
to be frightened of 
Look at how the blade shines 
Just once, come on 
You know you can do it. 
Its so inviting, don't look back 

Ahhhhh its finally done!


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