Together Forever

Xyla Baites

21 Aug, 2013 07:42 PM
They lay together in the dark,
And rise as ghosts in the night.
They haunt the pool, the house, the park,
Avoiding, of course, all sources of light. 

Arms tightly wound around each other,
Never letting go. 
Sealed in a coffin so tight, 
Escape is impossible. 

They hate the other. 
One would rather throw his soul into oblivion.
If there was another, 
One would gladly leave the other's carrion. 

Who stuck these two arguing ghosts in the same box?
Sealed all the locks?
Now, as they haunt your house
Creating noise, loud as a mouse,
They argue,
Release their hate
But left in their path of destruction is you,
Because their heated debate can't wait. 

They can never die again, 
In the coffin they have lain,
Amongst the souls they have slain,
Giving humans their pain.

They're together forever,
Old lovers,
Old haters.
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