The Downward Spiral

sarah lough

10 Feb, 2014 05:20 PM
Today once again I began my spiral,
Down and down, round and round I go
I swear it's catching like something viral
will I escape this one, I really don't know
My fake smile has worn off, face aches from frowning
No shoulder to cry on, never anyone to care
Its a constant suffering almost like drowning 
if I went today, would they notice I was no longer there?
SO today I sit, I weep, I sob and I stare
I wonder how much more of this soul can take
there is only so much of this one soul can take
there is only so much a person can take
I hope I can find strength without it I'll break
In a tiny little pieces my heart already is
my family deserted me, my friends are afar
when I am, there'll be nothing to miss
you won't find much, just a door left ajar
I've lost my fight, my willingness to be,
I don't want to wake up, I don't want to live
I never was, and I never can be happy,
and I've given it all I can, all I had to give
Tags: Depression
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