Inner demons

light's enemy

12 Feb, 2014 09:46 PM
He lurks inside me
Grinning wide
Haunting a place that has never seen light

Lurking in my dreams
Haunting my sleep
Never leaving, but never to keep.

His putrid breath
flits across my face
"Kill them all and you'll be free"
He'd said.

So I took a knife
The deed is done
But he won't leave me.
I can never run.

Insanity my release,
Everything I hate
pulling away my consciousness in my dream-like state

My eyes are dead
An echo of my soul
My mind losing count of the death toll

Heart racing, 
I cannot stop
living is pointless

I have lost it all
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Fio says:
28 May, 2014 11:55 PM

Really really good. Very meaningful. I like it. I also like that it flows better than a lot of others I've seen. Well done.

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