My Darkness

Midnight Blood

20 Feb, 2014 06:54 AM
I was in Darkness many a time
And each time I could find light
If I looked hard enough
But this is different
This darkness gets thicker and thicker
For each step is a step away from light
Soon it will be too late
And I don't mind
The Darkness is my friend
It is my companion when I have none
I feel at ease within the Dark
It is where I belong
For Heavens gates are shut
And the pits of Hell are filled up
If I never had my Darkness
I fear I would never belong anywhere
On this dying earth
But someone cast me into this Darkness
And once they were gone
There was no way for Light to shine
No Light to guide me through the Dark
No Light to shine on my sunken pale features
In truth I should thank that person
I have never been closer to pure Darkness
I have never felt so alone either
Though I have my faithful Darkness
I will never belong in the world of the Light
I have yet to make peace with that
For I still fear that I don't belong
In either the Light or the Darkness
But I continue to walk in my Dark
Hoping to find that Darkness will not leave me
But I know it will
Yet I still walk alongside it.
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Kilic patrick says:
19 Mar, 2014 10:42 PM

i like it it suits me too

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