Nick Michael Andreassen

14 Mar, 2014 12:31 AM
i want to die, 
but you curse me to live.
for every drop of blood that hits the floor,
a tear falls from your sore eyes.
every time I close my eyes, you scream to me, ordering me to live, 
but when I open my eyes. you're gone.
so I close my eyes again, listening to your screams, one last time. before I open my eyes.

I know what awaits me when I open my eyes.
I'm back to the same empty room, 
once filled with joy and god memories.
but it's all in the past.
now it's just an empty room,
with blood on the walls, that can never be washed away.
those things and memories that happened here can never be forgotten, or forgiven.

But no matter how much blood I have on my hands. 
and no matter how much I cry, scream or beg
you still curse me to live.
Tags: Hurt, Broken, Sad, Lost, Lonely, Pain
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