The Creaking at the Doors

Moxlonibus Krypt

07 May, 2014 12:16 AM
Be not ye afraid,
of the creaking from the doors.
The dust, debris, and cobwebs may hide things you're looking for.
The subtle beam of light~
slowly crawls across the wall,
provides enough to read by in this dreariest of nights.

Give no thought to ghostly steps,
that tip toe cross floor,
for it's only~Earthly tremors
and a draft~against the doors.

Why does one explain away the atmosphere in here?
Yet all who enter in this place are captives of it's fear.

Explain away with all your might, and argue with your demons.
Curse the day that you were born and pray that you're forgiven.
And put away all daunting thoughts,
of why~the doors~keep~ creaking.
Tags: Horror
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