Reality's a bitch.

Nerezza Selve

01 Jun, 2014 06:23 PM
There are days when life is good
Laughter comes easily, 
Eyes crease and lips draw back from pearly teeth.
There are days when smiling is natural, 
Automatic and easy. 

But those days are child’s days,
Reality something easily escaped, 
Like a game of hide and seek
With a friend. 
Life is a game then. 
Heart can be broken, yes, but hearts are resilient things. 

Then come the days
When reality is persistent
A bitch with a temper
Constantly pulling you towards something you don’t want to face.

Friends so easily slip away,
Pin the blame on you, 
Yet face their own realities with you, 
Ignoring yours. 

Reality's a bitch.
Tags: Reality
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