The World Is Ugly

Sincerely Yours

17 Jun, 2014 11:16 PM
What is life?
Please do tell	
Is it filled with delight?
Might as well 	

I’ve herd of this thing
Curious I am	
As I step into this fiery pit
The sight was a little less pleasing I must admit

Wondering where all the happiness has gone
The man said “this way come along”
He showed me the world at its best
But really it was nothing, just a mess

I couldn’t believe my eyes
Life was nothing but a bunch of lies
Crying and screaming I want to get out
Trapped in this world I know nothing about

Pleading please let me go
I do not want to stay here and this I know
“I’m sorry there is no way out my dear
You will stay here until your time has come”

I was wishing this endless nightmare had never begun
‘There is only one way out” he said
“And that is if you’re lucky enough to be dead”
I thought and thought it must be true

I know I’ve only been here for a few 
But now it is my time I must leave 
I give you my life, your world may proceed 
My gift to you is all you need 
So please let me go and let me be!
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