Haha! Have fun alone Bitch.

Raven Wolff

09 Sep, 2012 08:11 PM
What the fuck.
What the fucking fuck,
What the hell is wrong with you?
Ive never talked about you.
Now somehow im this "Bitch" who calls you fat and Emotional??
Baby you have life fucked up.

You need to go and look at who your talking too. 
Cause it looks like you lost.
You dont come and
and say shit to me.
Talking about me
Hell no

Your going to tell me to leave?
Leave after i was the ONLY one who was there for you?
haha okay,
Have fun being alone
Jest wait till all your little 
leave you.
Leave you ALL alone.
Then your going to try and come to,
Thats right.
the one you ran away.
Told me to go.
But by the time you come and try to talk to me
I'll be going.
Away from you.
And you'll be all alone.
With no one there for you.
haha isnt life fun.

Maybe then you'll learn to be kind
Kind to the ones who are there for you.
Stay by your side,
even when your at your worst
ready to die.
I was there.
I've always been then.
and now this is how you treat me?
I see how it is.
Jest know one thing.
I used to care.
But now,
Now im gone.
and im not coming back

I hope you have fun
Fun dieing alone
Bye love.
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