Fallow Me

Abaddon Torment

26 Jul, 2014 08:53 PM
Fallow Me 
unto the deep 
Come Sacrifice the damned with me
Rape the dead 
To pillage the living 

Do you even care about your own being
Ill tear you apart and
Murder thee with a serpents kiss 
Gods not a coward
He's just dead

Tourment the children who know despicable lies
The Lost echoes of a thousand lives 
Fallow me into the grave 
I learned from Azazel to worship there dying cries
come out of hiding you know whats at steak
Its time to be punished

Claiming were equals was your last mistake
Now fallow me into the deep 
Come sacrifice the damned with me
Rape the dead to pillage the living
I only ask so we may continue killing

Fresh blood on new sheets
You should know
The only thing in life thats concrete
Is your dying breathe
So breathe while you can

I assure you one day it'll end
But everything casts a shadow my friend
It'll be there even at the very end
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king $parta says:
18 Nov, 2014 07:33 PM

hail $atan

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