Darkness and light

Danica bowe

02 Aug, 2014 12:25 AM
Darkness is what balances our light 
But the absent of that light 
Only our darkness is left,
An that darkness is what keeps us up at night
Trying to keep out demons at bay 

But with in time the monster will come to play.
Our most scariest monsters 
Are the ones that lurk in our souls of black
All secretly hoping for our light back.

To crack through our doorway of black
But that door way is locked in our darkness 
Surrounded by our demons 

As we fight the the road to hell
Trying hard to forget the pain 
As death starts to becomes more beautiful
Life becomes more terrible 

Screams inside my head
I'm dancing with the dead 
As I close my eyes once more 
Death grasps me with its claw
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