Billy Maires

LilRebel Villa

06 Aug, 2014 04:25 AM
I once knew a kid, whose name was Billy Maires
And what he loved to do most, was set lot’s of fires
Big or small, it all didn’t matter
As long as they caused some sort of disaster 

And if he told his mom otherwise, she called him a liar
But on day, his mom got tired
Of dealing with such a so called “liar”
So she picked up the phone, and called an officer
But fortunately for Billy, the court ruled in his favor
And since his mom filed a “false report” she was put in correctional center

But eight years later
Billy slowly upgraded, higher and higher
From firecrackers, and twigs to detonators and bombs
So now Billy’s twenty-one and on the run
Always keeping a fully loaded gun
He can’t even show his face in the sun
And all because he couldn’t stop having fun

Billy’s still out there, the living definition of insanity
He’s going from town to town, looking to cause a lot more tragedy
And all because he can’t feed his hunger for calamity
Some of you may think Billy’s still got a chance, but that’s your own adversity
Tags: Fire, Burn, Hell, Darkness
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