Wicked Delightful Ecstasy

Rochelle Poet

17 Aug, 2014 08:07 AM
I've spent too much time in 
In the wicked wrath of torture...
I envy those whose blood I see spills 
To the floor through their open wounded pores.

I shriek with absolute jealous delight,
Wishing that were me, screaming in pain...
This beloved darkness is everything 
I have to gain! 

In loneliness, darkness and despair,
I've sat alone, forgetting how to care.
The wrath has taken me into its arms,
Rocking me as its own.
It whispers to me the blasphemy of
Its own doom, 
Sharing secrets in this utterly dark room.

I spy those receiving the endless torture,
Begging the evil wrath, 
Why can't that be me?

Blood curdling screams,
The noise, 
It brings me happy ecstasy .

I jump from the wraths arms.
No longer can I ignore the impending pain.
It's everything I want to gain!

Bring me fear!
Wash away my tears.
Let me scream! 

Oh gracious evil wrath,
Bring me to my knees.
How I love to hear thyself scream out
In heart wrenching ecstasy. 

See my blood drip to the floor,
For I am whole
No more.
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speterson085 says:
25 Aug, 2014 04:22 AM

Love it!!!

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