Thank the God

James Newt

12 Sep, 2014 12:36 AM
As you all can plainly see
She's as happy as can be
As she jumps on the ground
And spreads smiles all around

Nothing can ruin this
Not that you wont miss
That is what you all think
When she's not at the sink

There is a secret at four
When she locks the door
And she smiles to herself
As she opens the shelf

Out comes a razor
As she closes the door
She looks in the mirror
It all became clearer

It is time
To say the rhyme
She opened her mouth
And faced the south

One slice

"Always think twice
Or maybe thrice-"

Two slice

"About this act
With the Demon Pact-"

Three slice

"To pledge you soul
To the man and foal-"

Four slice

"For happiness and joy
For all your new toys-"

Five slice

"Eight times the charm
On your lovely arm-"

Six slice

"It's almost over
For that lucky clover-"

Seven slice

"Now thank the god
with your blood."
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