11 Dec, 2014 05:50 AM
I thought this would be an adventure.
Alice and I had an agreement.
All I'm doing is living in pure torture.
She led me to this unending torment.
This wonderland is truly hell.

Screaming to please wake up,
To drink the right poison,
To take enough of your harsh beating.

Why can't I wake up?
Wonderland isn't the place for me.
I just want to go home,
My original hell is nothing compared to this.
Please Alice, please.
I don't want to stay here.

I'm begging on my knees, Alice.
I've suffered enough...
I drank your poison,took your beating.
Fought your demons,lost my soul.
Why am I still here?

There is no way out,is there?
Only way is to trick some poor soul.
I have to do what you did to me.
But I merely can't.
I'm to weak to let them suffer.
No one deserves this kind of Wonderland.
I'm sorry Alice,
I must go.
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