Dark Child

09 Jan, 2015 10:52 PM
She screams for help
But no one cares
to feel her pain
she's "just a girl"
"Just a girl"
they all say
a stupid girl who doesn't know how to behave
but no one knows
the real story
they think it's a joke
they think it's funny
when they find out the truth
they'll be scared
scared of her
and scared of the world

See, she's being over taken 
by a demon inside
all her life
she's been told lies
all she does
is make mistakes
by the ones she loved
she has been raped
sshe only told two
but they didn't care
they just beat her
and pulled her hair
then she was in a new home, her dad's
he raped her too, oh man
he lied to her
just the same
until she became insane

And that demon inside
it's filled with rage
now no one can stop her
she can't be tamed
she's thirsty for blood and revenge
see, that girl is me
and i am sin
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