Dealing with my past

Jack Sorenson

11 Jan, 2015 01:04 AM
I'm sitting in this empty room of forcefulness,
dealing with my past,
Of so many of my past sins
all that I can hear is screaming souls aloud come too  pass to my ears
souls of man handed over to the devil, rather to go to Heaven,
With a faint tone of such fear in their cry’s Madness, may I have become
To me but it’s too real to believe,

But not l’ve heard this before in my darken cell
I can see their innocence No, 
Only the darkness of the sins they committed, Yes
I can see so clearly, it’s to real to imagine
But a normal guy like me

that no one can see before lock away in the darkness
Locked away in a small cell Terra comes daily into my prison cell
and what I have become, is possible, gone mad,

What I have done to some in my time in the life, I led was bad
someone like me that no one can see any longer,
But the screaming souls,going off to Hell,
Aloud and only madness now as I sat listing in the darkness of Terra
Tags: Madness, Crazy
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