Darkest Love

John Kelley Sr.

19 Mar, 2015 03:04 PM
In this world of men that we call Home
There are so many types of people and other beings too.
When you meet someone new, feel them out
Make sure that they are not a Scout.

Soul suckers abound in their thousands
Taking control of their surroundings.
Beautiful women luring men to their certain Doom
Devouring their very Souls as they just smiled.

Sanguine lovers welcome them too
Biting down with fangs razor sharp
Tasting that heady feel for the flavor
That heady addiction to Blood.

The night is long and never ending
Or so it seems, until the first light of dawn.
Then you must get back to that safe place
Where you'll sleep the day away.

Resting up for another round of life
Or even Death if the occasion calls for it.
The mortal realm can be a hectic place
It can be so hard to slow down and just enjoy.

To lay back in a field of red roses
Feeling their very life as if it was your own.
To be able to just relax once in a while
Forgetting the cares of the World.

Learning to Love once again, can be so
Deeply emotional and not able to express the pain.
Two Immortals deeply in Love, bonded
Together for all Eternity.

But the Darkest Love of all is a pure Hell
A pit where they just throw the offal.
To actually fall in Love with a Mortal
Not wanting to feed on you, at least not yet.
Tags: Love, Dark
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