30 Mar, 2015 02:59 PM
Another night 
And im filled with fear
darkness resides in my head 
demons live here 

Another 3am war 
with my demons 
theres a knocking at my door 

Death has come 
to take my soul 
time to write goodbyes 
to the ones i know 

when the morning sun rises 
ill be gone
just a body so cold 
left behind 

as the letters are read 
tears are shed 
parents cry because their dear daughter is dead
the truth is:
No one knew the darkness she dealt with, or the demons in her head
they're the ones who made her wish she was dead
Screaming at her, calling her names 
worthless,UN-wanted,your just a pawn in their game! 
she tried to block them,drown them out
but those damn demons.. well it didn't work out.. 
She finally gave up.."I've had enough.." 
she just wasn't strong enough... 
she lost to herself, or rather to her own head
And.. well now.. 
moral of the story is.. 
Shes dead.
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