I'm Back

Dillon (Blood Tears)

14 Apr, 2015 04:08 AM
I sat alone dreaming, 
Playing with the blade when they started talking again
Whispers of games to be played,
Screams of others joy at the thought
Voices urging me on,
To continue where I left off
After days of silence I thought they died,
So I sat and waited for the ghosts to wake
Oh, they had just slept!

They haven't been fed, loved or played with
I haven't shown them the beauty they deserve.
As I rose to meet their haunted gaze
I could hear their muffled cries!
Play! Play! Play!
Food! Food! Food!
Oh the silly little creatures!
I removed their gags, I gave them food
Some had died long ago so a leg here
An arm there
To see them cry with joy!
I brought my wires to the first to finish,
Barbed and rusted but it will work!
Time to show these people that I'm back to care!
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