Bad Friends

Dillon (Blood Tears)

14 Apr, 2015 04:39 AM
We all sat around my camp fire
Laughing and talking and drinking galore!
The games we played and the jokes we told
Oh, Mike I'm not letting you go! Haahaha!

I wasn't invited to the lake party
But soon I proved they were all so wrong!
I told them truth and showed them the games
Soon they saw all the bodies strung,
By hands and feet and necks and hair
They blow in the breeze while I tickles their feet!

The ones who wronged were not strung
They sat with me and sang a song!

Help me please, oh help me please!
Let me go, god oh god let me go!

Screams and screams they echoed far,
All around my camp fire!
Soon I'm done and start to yawn
The night is done and days a' coming!

So I pile more wood to keep the fire going,
And kick my friends over to feel the burn!
All but one were lost in flame
The other shared a bed with me!

I grabbed her up and slit her wrists, 
I dragged her in to stay with me
I held her close and kissed her soft,
Blood and tears taste so sweet!
Goodnight my friend and see you tomorrow!!
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RayRay says:
09 May, 2015 06:01 AM

I love this!

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