Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly

17 Jun, 2015 02:02 PM
Hurried in on a trolley, sound of sirens still ringing,
Driven into a sterile cubicle with machines,
My dry lips forced apart, suffocating as the tube is forced down my throat,
Something snaps onto my finger, beeping,
Pads placed on my body, so cold, so very cold,
Buzzing, muffled words, the room darkens.

No more pain, freedom, a light freedom coarses through me,
I see my shell laying below, frozen,
Surrounded by panicked medics, why are they worried?
Higher I drift, floor after floor,
Someone's lost their coat on the fifth floor!
A force sucks me suddenly, a whirlpool or vortex.

I am flung into the swirling tunnel, engulfed with light,
Ease floods me, love, yearning for my true home,
In the mists of the brightest light stands shapes,
Familiar, from a distant past I never knew,
My life, such a brief time, plays,
With compassion around me I watch, I understand.

Beyond lies a Kingdom, a natural Kingdom,
Brilliant in colours, such distinct tones and hues,
Created by a unified conscious,
A bullet belts my chest, breath catches, again I am hit,
I fall, I wake, I am returned,
Reborn by experience.
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