Unforeseen shadow people attack me

Jack Sorenson

26 Jul, 2015 01:55 AM
The Orbs are this first warning
As the orbs turn black, I worry
Only then, and be ready for the outcome ahead

The three long scratches were my arms could never reach 
Show up in the morning mirrors in the bathroom
Where I could never reach to do this in my life
Who’s the shadow people?

To my thinking they are demons that have fallowed
Me due to my past sines,
And keep an eye on me daily

I’ll go on in my life being punished by them
As in giving me a new illness each year of my whole life come
I’ll have to endure this…

I have many worries, but none is greater that one day
As I get older, I’ll be too week to fight them all off of me
I only have one choice?

To be the only one to survive the darkness now, that place
Inside of my heart, mind, and poor soul,
I will win in the end against my evilness

That wants me dead, and have it way with my soul
As a terrible game, I’ve placed in life
It’s no joke, I must win or be found dead.
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