Darkness Visible


26 Aug, 2015 06:14 AM
I sit in solemn darkness.
For all is darkness. 

All the inhumane scum and vernom 
Scratch at my cage, trying to penetrate
Waiting for me to join them
and their status qou.

Nay. I stay 
huddled in my four-corner
prison of a world.

There, reserved; waiting for
The solemn judgement of the great day

I ponder why I stay
Locked away in adamantuim chains
And penal fire; but from those flames
"No light, but rather darkness visible"

I remind my self,
'Indulgence is for the weak,
Invocation is for the wicked'
And although The Infernal Serpant 
Whispers a gentle hymn,
tempting my physical being
I will not give in.

For all is darkness but I will not despair.
I know of three things:
I know who I am
I know what I've done
And I know what I must do
For now … that is all.
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