Hatred's breed

Isaiah Smith

19 Oct, 2015 07:49 AM
You think justice always prevails and i laugh at your false hope 
Laughing at me, taunting me slowly eradicates the innocent one within 
The one your killing dissolves into despair, the beast’s face appears 
You have destroyed your chance of all salvation as vengeance consumes me 

I am an instrument of destruction, fathered by hate, bred of pure evil 
The creature reincarnated from all of the pain within past generations  
I am the monster created by your own ignorance or so it seems 
I will pervert purity and watch your psyche break from the inside 
As your guilty conscience questions itself and betrays your morals 
Am i a figment of your imagination or are you the villain of my demise?

Trust is my weapon to seduce to think i am all you want me to be 
A friendly smile is a perversion of honesty for a sadistic betrayal
When you think i am free of what once haunted me in my nightmares
The uttermost physical pain is my own artwork, feeding my hunger 
To control a world which was never mine to claim and quench a fire
Until i realize it is all nothing but an illusion of what i designed 

Nevertheless i give you the fear of an abandoned child without comfort 
To paint a picture of all the things that you failed to see in humanity 
I’ll take away your loved ones piece by piece as your screams rage
Your mind is shattered as you fall under the beginning of my cruelty   
Then i slowly gouge out your eyes with the most vicious tools
The eyes blinded by your own pitiful naive views of who you think i am
The weak powerless soul who stripped you away of everything you loved  
You suffocate under pressure, i feel the rushing feelings flowing in my veins 
I’ll let you savor a bit of mercy, i’ll let you think i have a bit of compassion 
In the husk of a human shell, the one you feared would stare down at your face 
A contorted smile, snarling at your miserable existence as you plead in vain 
Because mercy is for the weak to absolve a temporary solution in cowardice 
What is it that i want? Money? Sex? Drugs? Love? A chance for a better life? 

And i laugh at your failed attempts to seduce me and recreate an innocent man 
And i cringe uncontrollably as a defiant egotistical rage is waiting to burst out 
As you attempt to threaten me with a life in a cage and death inside a labyrinth 
For the scent of steel in my nostrils, the life of a rabid animal inside your prison 
Cannot contain the rage and hate beneath the shadows of a faithless world 
Though my body crumbles in pieces and you think that i am truly dead 
You fear my ghost corrupting the generations to come and one thought lingers 
I’ll corrupt one of your children as i manifest myself in your loved one’s corpse 
How i wish to let you ponder this possibility as you lose peace in your home’s comfort

But i keep breaking your will piece by piece as your pain intensifies 
And as you beg for death, a nurturing mother to let you savor peace 
The blows you cannot see are delivered and my words claw deeper into your mind 
Brainwashing everything that you have ever been, erasing your whole life’s purpose 
The questions: How can i destroy love? How can i demoralize compassion?
How can i mutilate the hands bonded by loyalty? I cherish you, my beloved test subject 
Convulsing in excruciating pain as i keep administering the pain in your fragile body
My sharp tools humiliate you as i strip away your clothes then drive them into your genitals 
Tearing away the memories of your conception and the day you bred life   
As you question if my vengeance will satisfy me after your inevitable doom 
I sever every limb that built the world you created, believing that your wisdom sustained you 
Every intimate moment with murder, i chew on your flesh in a frenzied lust with power 
How the Truth you thought was real disappear like your sense of touch when i cut your spine 
Your life’s blood pours from you as the voices you cling to are all but deafening silence 
As my wildest fantasies are fulfilled before my demented eyes, i’ll tear off your face 

When you believe that faith and justice will prevail in the end 
You realize that you rejected the God that could make that possible 
When you have done all you could to ensure that i am defeated 
You realize that your hatred and bitterness made you like your enemy 
The moment before i extinguish the last inch of your crippled life 
You fear the enlightened and malevolent reality that i am invincible"
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