jerry harrenstein

29 Oct, 2015 08:38 PM
let's meet up tonight
at Hallow's cemetery gates
and look to see if anything lurks
there late into the night
under our Moon's light.

We can look for the shadows
of the dead
as they mysteriously appear,
acting nonchalantly,
as if they were always 
there for anyone to see,
whether it be during the day,
or at night.

we can hook up with
the other children
out to trick
for them treats.

It will be neat Sarah
with you
dressed as Rapunzel 
and me, 
dressed as your Prince,
we're sure to convince
all those we trick for to
give us their best treats.

I want to tell you something
before we meet.
Your love for me,
which you so passionately display
without shame,
can never be beat
by any kind of treat
and it does not necessitate 
my performing tricks.
You hold my heart Sarah
and no trick, 
or treat
will ever be as sweet!

When we can carry no 
more treats Sarah
and have played out our
repertoire of tricks,
we'll continue the nocturnal
sojourn were on,
all the while looking for shadows
that creep up on us in the
The dark we know as night.

The hoot of an Owl, 
along with the screams 
of its prey,
is something we will
never hear during the day,
so we need to listen
carefully for it Sarah
as we make our way
in the night.
A night hopefully fraught 
with fright.

Where are you now Jerry?
I am on my way to the cemetery Sarah!
Are you on your way Sarah?
Please, don't delay,
or lollygag while you're 
on your way.
You can not make 
it tonight!
Oh Sarah,
I need you here
with me

Hold on Sarah.
the night's sky just turned Red!
It's as if an explosion 
occurred overhead.
Now garish lights
are flashing in
and out 
of the trees Sarah,
bathing them in Red 
while trailing
wailing screams.

It's like all Hell
has broken out here tonight
in our town of Hallow.

there's a crowd gathering 
up ahead
and I need to work my way
through the crowd,
so I can see
what they see.

Heads were beginning to bow
as I slowly worked my way
through the burgeoning crowd.
People began to scream
and I could see the horror in
their eyes as I passed by. 
Eyes shedding tears as if
they were being bled.

Only a few feet more 
and I will be at the
head of the crowd,
then I can look around.

Oh my God! 
Sarah it's you that they see,
you laying on the ground
bleeding profusely.
This I did not want to see
and me,
I am laying over there
next to that tree,
my flesh on fire!
How can this be,
looking at me!
How can this be?

you have played a
trick on me!
This is why you could not be
here with me

you certainly know how to
give a man a fright Sarah
and that is what you have
given me tonight!
I guess I know where 
we will next meet Sarah,
at the gates of Hallow's cemetery.
Won't that be a treat!
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Sarah says:
15 Nov, 2015 08:47 PM

:D I love it!

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jerry harrenstein says:
22 Nov, 2015 05:45 PM

Thank u ever so much Sarah! I am writing a very sad poem now "Pain" for the Sadness site.It is beautiful and moves me with every word I type. Take good care of yourself Sarah!~

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jerry harrenstein says:
22 Nov, 2015 06:57 PM

Forgot to ask you if you read the edited version of Hallow? I submitted a pic of my charcoal drawing yesterday titled (Chasing Demons). Hopefully, it will become an addition to this site. Thank you for your inspiration Sarah:)

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