Zane A. Murray

04 Nov, 2015 07:17 PM
Most of us worship an invisible man,
I don’t understand how people can,
We’ve never met him, Earth or sky,
All I ask is a simple, “Why?”

A man named God, somewhere in the clouds,
Created the Earth, planted crowds,
A big beard, and white robe,
Is given faith around this blue globe.

Created Hell for the wicked and bad,
Created Heaven for the righteous and glad,
Sent his son, to die for our sins,
For all people, all different skins.

It’s a good idea, and good to hold,
It gives people hope, a city of gold,
In my eyes, a fairy tale for young kids,
Some tall, sandaled hippy said for his bids.

I have my ideas of life and death,
Things that happen, after my last breath,
No city, no gold, no ancestors,
No sinners, no quitters, no molesters.

It’s a place of all knowing peace,
It’s pitch black, but we do not cease,
Somewhere beautiful as the Greek Calypso,
Somewhere in darkness, but with our own Halo.
Tags: God, Heaven, Hell, Halo
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