Love and Pain

Zane A. Murray

01 Feb, 2016 06:02 PM
For all the pain that I am to feel,
I will always be able to heal,
But because of my love for you,
There really isn’t any healing to do.

My heart was yours, saved in a locked box,
Held tight and you wound its gears like a clock’s,
But because of your choice to go, it has left pain,
And I won’t get the chance again to kiss you everyday.

I can hardly breathe, my chest is so weighted,
I took my heart back, only to have it plated,
In front of your house, staring up at your window,
Waiting for you to look down at me, winning the limbo.

My sadness is back, lost grip of your hand,
Letting go when we were together by the sand,
We are still friends, but that feeling isn’t the same,
Never really knew the rules of our little love game.

I need you back again, please come,
I can’t get used to this feeling of being numb,
My heart is cold again, and it really stings,
But sometimes I tell myself, that love and pain,
Are the same things.
Tags: Love, Numb, Pain
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