Eternal rest


04 Feb, 2016 02:22 AM
As i inhale my last breath and my heart fades away.
 I lay watching the stars for i know they're the way.
 My eyes filled with tears and my face with a smile. 
I know ill be up there soon with the stars and moon.
 My ears listening to every and last sound of the night. 

My wrists on the ground, red and wet.
 My legs laying numb and in regret.
 The heat leaving my body making me cold. 
I know because its what ive been told.
 My heart grows weak and unbearably icy.
 The voices in my head disappear nicely.
 My eyes fade to nothing-ness as i fall into eternal rest.
Tags: Depression, Sad, Anger
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rayvn jade says:
06 May, 2016 03:32 PM

<3 beautiful

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