Run, dear girl


25 Feb, 2016 12:40 AM
I sing for you my dear
for now is the time when you must run

I will hurt you
I will kill you

Run my dear girl run
Run from the pain
The sorrow
and the love you lost

Run from me
I'm your pain

I love to watch people suffer
You don't 
I don't understand 

Run, my dear girl, run
From the shallow grave yard
Run from the boy on the hill
The haunted swing set

The cuts on your arm will forever be there

Because of me
You are dead

Run from this hell
Run from the death that I have laid upon you

Run from the hole under the willow tree
But fall down the lava fall
To your second death

Stay, my dear stay here
Where the pain is

Or die with that knife in your hand
Set the suicide not down
And let me hurt you more
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Emma Troop says:
08 Jun, 2016 02:00 PM

I cut my wrists to this and masturbate with the blood.

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