~Cloaked In Darkness~

Midnyt Ravyn

23 Jul, 2016 07:38 PM
As night falls down 
Through the mists 
The silhouette of shadows 
Creep through twisted trees 

There is a stillness in the silence 
I hate the way the light casts 
On the images of shadows as they pass 
The silence is shattered 

By the monsters in my head 
Listen to the whispers 
On the wind they said 
All my thoughts come rushing in 

Drowning in my torment again 
Suffocating from the pain 
Fighting the demons within 
I'm choking struggling to breathe 

Coming undone losing all control 
I'm trapped when darkness swallows me whole 
Cloaked in Darkness learning to cope
Holding on to the little bit of hope.
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