~Desolate Wastelands~

Midnyt Ravyn

23 Jul, 2016 08:15 PM
Arriving on horseback 
To this dark desolate 
Barring wasteland 
Where time don't exist 

And that hanging man 
Was one soul this forsaken town 
Showed no mercy and drove 
That man to loneliness and despair 

To prove a point that anyone 
Who comes here will lose their mind 
In the emptiness and find no life here 
In this discreet and forgotten place 

Where lost souls wander 
At the crossroads of crossing death 
And the Sun never shines 
The days are like deepest night 

Even the Moon doesn't rise above 
To shine Her white light 
My dark horse Raven snorts and whines 
At the mists of fog brings a change in the air 

Raven and I come to our crossroads 
The end of our trail our destiny and fate 
At the crossroads of death 
Ghost Ryders riding through non existent time.
Tags: Darkness, Death
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