~Bitter Cold Darkness~

Midnyt Ravyn

04 Feb, 2017 05:40 PM
The days grow colder 
Underneath the winter Sun 
And with all my pain 
I come undone

I realize I have 
Nowhere to run
I'm helpless 
Comfortably numb 

As the bitter cold darkness 
Freezing my crimson flow 
While my thoughts ponder on 
The nights are excruciating 

Time passes by slowly 
Hopelessness settles in 
Whoa is my lonely
In the long night 

Reflecting on memories 
That embraces my mind 
Bitter cold darkness 
Triggering thoughts 

I want to leave behind 
Suffocating in my sadness 
I am crippled by my demise 
My demons coming alive 

The noise is so loud I can't unwind 
Silver tears fall I am blinded 
Trapped inside my mind 
Frozen I'm lost in time 

The winter sun doesn't shine 
I want to leave this bitter
Cold darkness behind 
This is my depression of mine. 
Copyright 12~02~16
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