A Serpent's Crusade


22 Feb, 2017 03:29 AM
When they first met this brown fox did smile without fear,
The serpent slid forth upon the grass and lifted his head up high he made his intentions very clear.
"Serpent," the Fox winked to the snake he did accede,
The Serpent replied, "You and I Fox are the same our prey we will mislead."
Serpent as you slither your a master of disguise.
One takes sides with the devil and the other is only loyal to himself.
Fox you are so sly as you live your life in lies.

"Snake I have no quarrel with you and ask to be left alone,"
"I do not question your authority or the darkness you call your throne."
"Fox you will side with me one way or the other,"
"Or taste my scales crush your bones I shall smother."

The quick footed Fox took a step to the side,
The calm Serpent eyed the situation carefully and if the Fox fled it would be his suicide.
With a sprint the Fox attempted to dash away from the Serpents face,
Like a flash of lightning this Serpent wrapped around the Fox there would be no chase.

Serpent we all know what you have done in this life and before,
Squeeze him o' Serpent and make this Fox the One.
Fox your consequences to your actions this time you cannot ignore.
Now the serpent began to loosen his grip and the Fox did take a breath,
His forked tongue did hiss as he showed the Fox a near death.
The Fox laid in the dirt with his tail curled to the side,
With shallow breathing he knew with the Serpent he had just allied.
"Now get up," the snake did demand,
Fox opened one eye and knew it wasn't a friendly gesture but his first command.
"You have spared my life Serpent it was fair and square,"
Fox's eyes turned dark, "I pledge my loyalty to you this I now swear."
The snake rose backwards its head held up proud,
Another species taken and joined in blood has now been allowed.
Tags: Serpent, Devil, Fox
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