Eternal Scream


22 Feb, 2017 03:30 AM
Last night I saw the flame of candlelight flicker from a window and the flame did grin,
From my balcony and afar I've seen the sign that could be within.
Laces tied and a cigarette upon my lip,
Down the stairs and across the courtyard time for a short trip.
The flame called to me and drew me closer like a moth so confused,
Stumbled forward this body, this soul now greatly abused.
The flame danced to the left and then to the right,
Beautiful flame I am almost there guided by your candlelight.
Up the stairs but I took a moment before my first step of the climb,
Wish darkness could last forever frozen in the sands of time.
I approached the door which was expectedly closed and I did knock,
No one answered so I opened it - this door had no lock.
Now face to face with a single flame that burned atop a table,
My breathing slowed no longer could I go forward I was unable.
I fell to my knees and did look up as I reached out with my hand,
The flame continued to burn I did not understand.
Laying on my side with a dim light that flickered above my head,
Suddenly the candle fell over off the table and onto the carpet instead.
I watched in seconds as the flame grew in height,
Still paralyzed a circle of fire will consume me tonight.
At first I closed my eyes but then opened them to witness my death,
This I screamed in my last breath.

"Take me then flame of Hell, warm me and light my path!"
"I will not fear your wisdom, your purification or your wrath!"
"Back into dust you may have the power to change my shape!"
"Mortal being, risen God you have only showed me escape!"
"Now burn with all of the colors that was given to you!"
"Red, orange, yellow see if I fear your white and blue!"
"Now an anger has filled my voice and let these yells become extreme!"
"My mouth burned and frozen in an eternal scream!"
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