Tombstones For Eyes

Mario Vitale

07 Jun, 2017 03:18 AM
We search for solace amidst the crowd to appease
 One day we shall all bow humbly to our knees
 The land is dark without the sun to light
 When this life is over there is no double feature
 Shades of black decorated the plate of mast
 Silence etched it's beckoning call asunder
 Tombstones for eyes does this come at a big surprise
 Can't we ever see through the devil's lies
 We live in a land where cash is king
 No chance at heart to let the freedom ring
 In silence we get a glimpse of what it is to come
 Blackened hearts of evil that plug destruction
 We used to live in freedom's realm
 That was so long ago another theatre with a lost film
 Rather there is glue on the stick that is nothing new
 A borrowed pew to offer sacrifices to the Lord
 The faces with tombstones for eyes having long fangs that bite
 They search for blood in the dead of night
 Walking zombies seeking self to please
 They cry for peace yet their hearts are frozen
 Living in their fake mechanical world of temporary
 You search for blood out on the street exchange love for lust
 Two hearts that soar out to the sky a happy passerby
 They are amng us yet they are not of us
 Having seared their hearts to what's torn apart
Tags: Darkness, Fear, Help
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