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Morning Star

Zane A. Murray

12 May, 2016 08:14 PM
Many people have misconceptions and thoughts,
About Lucifer the archangel, that he is evil and will tie you in knots.
Or Satan, that means adversary, opposer, or one to question,
I don’t why they think they are evil, it’s their own obsession.

But really they are symbolic of the human nature that we all possess,
Without Satan in all of our hearts, we’re nothing but a robotic mess,
God isn’t doing a good job for me or lots of people on this planet,
Why does everyone count on “Jesus”, instead of Satan goddammit?!

I call myself a devout Satanist, one that indulges in my natural feelings,
I find that this type of philosophy is the most interesting and appealing,
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A Beautiful Death

Zane A. Murray

06 May, 2016 02:53 PM
So many people are scared of the inevitable end,
Maybe it’s because they are convinced that they are condemned,
Hellfire that will roast and burn their souls and flesh,
Brain-washed of the words described by the king Gilgamesh.

Or some people love the aspect of being at the void,
And accept that it is something that no one can avoid,
They embrace the end, for it is the great abstinence,
That’s why they live their lives fully in the great indulgence. 

Angels and Demons, or God and Devils,
They think they can be taken away by either into the paradise or hell of 9 levels,
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God and His Heaven

Zane A. Murray

22 Apr, 2016 04:16 PM
If there is a place that is up above,
It must be as soft as the silk of a glove,
White and shiny as the stars in the sky,
Sounds like day dreams, created by a bearded guy.

They say God created the Heaven and the Earth on the first day,
I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that, not ever, and definitely not today,
Not really a place for me to keep in my mind,
I don’t have to worry about something that I may or may not find,

There’s a man in the clouds staring down at me, and he isn’t happy,
Says I can’t masturbate with my manliness, can’t go fappy fappy,
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Zane A. Murray

04 Nov, 2015 07:17 PM
Most of us worship an invisible man,
I don’t understand how people can,
We’ve never met him, Earth or sky,
All I ask is a simple, “Why?”

A man named God, somewhere in the clouds,
Created the Earth, planted crowds,
A big beard, and white robe,
Is given faith around this blue globe.

Created Hell for the wicked and bad,
Created Heaven for the righteous and glad,
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Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly

17 Jun, 2015 02:02 PM
Hurried in on a trolley, sound of sirens still ringing,
Driven into a sterile cubicle with machines,
My dry lips forced apart, suffocating as the tube is forced down my throat,
Something snaps onto my finger, beeping,
Pads placed on my body, so cold, so very cold,
Buzzing, muffled words, the room darkens.

No more pain, freedom, a light freedom coarses through me,
I see my shell laying below, frozen,
Surrounded by panicked medics, why are they worried?
Higher I drift, floor after floor,
Someone's lost their coat on the fifth floor!
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Pride Ed

27 May, 2014 04:13 AM
I found God in
an abandoned house. Rays
slicing through old dust 
like a knife. The same 
window where she prayed 
for impossible things. 

 Her  cries as sharp as that light. 
It shines through her unhappy memory, 
and I stir up her shrieks for 
peace and forgiveness in 
the creaks and cracks of the
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A "Loving" God


03 Apr, 2014 12:38 AM
Life is such a beautiful thing we say.
To the artist, how can we ever repay?
Shall we be your toys, oh lord? 
for you, shall we entertain?
Please pay us no heed lord,we thank you for your disdain.

You need not speak lord,we are not worthy of such attention.
Like loyal pets; we lick your hand,
even if it is the source of our infliction.
War, molestation, famine, and disease

only strengthen our faith in you.
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On the darkness in all of us

Kaiza Urai

01 Feb, 2013 09:37 PM
If madness leads to freedom
And to dark shall all things end
I hold my mind to ransom
And to dusk my soul I send

You come here speaking of the light
And all the good it brings,
But in the end you shall succumb
To truth that darkness sings

You have a god to look upon
And hope that gives you meaning
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Tags: Darkness, Madness, Insanity, Mind, Soul, Disease, Sickness, Light, Truth, God
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He's not my purpose

Nick Vixon

23 Jan, 2013 06:49 PM
Thinking back on my life
I always wonder if it was right
My childhood was a perfect dream
But as I got older
I saw so many scary things
I found the horrors waiting
Waiting for me

They knew I was coming
So they just sat waiting
I never thought life would be so cruel
But as you get older you eventually have to
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