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The Death in Me.

Pride Ed

23 Feb, 2015 12:53 AM
I've laid faced-down for so long;
my heart is asleep.

It thumps like static through
my atretic cavities. 
It contorts as my lungs try to 
scream it awake. 

Each breath prolongs the
eventual decay of my diaphragm,
even as my insides already 
float in it's own purulence.
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Tags: Death, Heartache, Pain, Decay, Dark
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26 Apr, 2014 02:45 AM
Cold and alone, I lay awake, listening to the silent night.
Eyes pinch shut, afraid to see the faintest form of light. 
Tears fall from swollen eyes, carrying the pain of my heart. 
Sorrow runs deep into my soul, slowly ripping it apart. 
No voice left to call for help, no strength left to fight. 
Falling deeper into the dark, fearing I've lost all sight. 
As i start to drift off to sleep, I fear what the night will hold. 
Shivering beneath my own skin, I give into the cold.
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Tags: Cold, Heartache, Sorrow, Giving Up
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